Equestrian Equipments

Khail Ex (Horse Treadmill)

Horses need exercise and this is the topic we have concentrated on for many years by specializing in horse walkers. We are convinced of this form of training and continue to hold to it. However, due to limited space or other reasons, a horse walker is not always feasible. That is why we are expanding our product range.
We have developed a high quality horse treadmill in accordance with the newest technology and scientific knowledge.

Khail Spa(Horse Spa)

Traditionally horses were stood in cold running streams or walked in the sea as an aid to the treatment and prevention of leg problems and, today, cold hosing is a standard modality for cooling down horses after exercise.

Sea water in particular with its high salt content has an anti-inflammatory effect which facilitates healing and helps guard against injury. However, the temperature may not normally be sufficiently cold enough to affect the structures most often involved in injury.